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Refund & Cancellation Policy**

All athletes training shall pay the required registration and training fees.
Any athlete wishing to terminate their registration, before or during the same diving
season, is required to inform the club stating the reason for termination. A request for a

refund of the registration fee must be made in writing. This request can be sent by e-
mail to:

The refunded amount will be pro-rated on the date iDive receives the request.
An athlete may withdraw from a program with prorated refund less $50 administration fee.
Refunds will not be granted for any absence by athlete’s personal reason.


Program Cancellation: A class or a program may be cancelled by iDive due to various
reasons and in such cases refunds will be made for the class or for the remainder of the
season. iDive is not responsible for costs incurred due to cancellation.


Annual registration & membership fees are non-refundable.

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