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First Competition of 2020 a Success for iDive

What a way to start the year 2020! BC Winter Provincials were held from Feb. 14-16 at the Grandview Heights Aquatic Centre in Surrey. IDive saw 8 of its competitive divers in the competition, as well as 7 adults in the Master's event, with great results all around. We were happy to see so many of our parents and siblings of divers come out to volunteer at the event, and also to cheer on our competitors.


Men's Open:

1m and 3m: Sean - Gold. Sean entertained the judges and spectators by performing a 109C off 3m that earned him close to 100 points!

Women's Open:

1m: Sadie - Silver, Maggie - Bronze, Gabby - 7th

3m: Veronica - Bronze, Sadie - 4th, Gabby - 8th

Platform: Veronica - Silver

Women's A Group:

1m: Veronica - Silver (NQ), Sadie - 4th

3m: Veronica - Gold (NQ), Sadie - Bronze (NQ), Taylor - 5th

Platform: Veronica - Gold (NQ), Taylor - 4th

Women's D Group:

1m: Becca - 4th, Mirabelle - 5th. These girls competed in their very first Provincial event, with Becca obtaining a national qualifying score in D1 girls! We are so proud of both of these young divers.

On the second day of competition, BC Diving held its annual banquet and awards night where the 2020 BC Provincial Team was announced. On the team is iDive's very own coaches, Yan and Charlie, as well as divers Maggie, Sadie, Morgan and Veronica.

In addition, BC Diving named the top divers in each age group from the previous year. Congratulations to Veronica for earning Top Female Diver Award for Group B for 2019!

Photo credit: Lawrence Lu

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