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Sunny California, we'll be back!

Coach Yan and iDive's High Performance Team made a trip down to Mission Viejo, California to compete in their first ever USA Diving Regional championship, held April 26-28, 2019 at the Marguerite Aquatic Centre. This was the same venue that hosted a FINA Diving Grand Prix event just two weeks earlier. There, the divers faced some different circumstances from diving in Canada, namely sunny 25 degree weather, competing in new outdoor facilities, and having competition take place simultaneously on two boards with two sets of rotating judges. But none of that deterred our divers from soaking it all in and embracing the experience!

Competition time saw a large pool of divers from three states (Southern California, Hawaii and Nevada), and iDive was up to the challenge! With 3 podium spots and 6 top 12 finishes, our divers made us proud!

Special mention to Veronica for coming in 1st place on Group B platform, and Toby with 2nd on Group A platform and 3rd on 1 metre.

Sadie, Maggie and Taylor also impressed with their high finishes given their group had over 50 competitors!

It wasn't all hard work and training though. Despite the early morning practices and long competition days, the team still found some time to soak up the California sunshine, play volleyball at the beach, stroll through shops and enjoy their surroundings. It might just be that iDive will return some time in the future.

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