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11 Medals at BC Winter Games!

Photo: Ross Outerbridge for BC Games

Kamloops was host to the 2018 BC Winter Games, which saw 8 iDive athletes participate in Age Group B and C events on 1 metre and 3 metre diving boards. Representing zone 4 (Fraser River) and zone 5 (Vancouver-Coastal), iDivers competed against a large field of divers from across the Province in this biennial competition. Not only did divers get to showcase their talent, they had an amazing experience at the Games, from marching in the opening and closing ceremonies, cheering on athletes from various disciplines, and bonding with their teammates. iDive is proud of all accomplishments, including 11 medals! Some of our divers even made the local news!

Congratulations to our participants:

Girls B Group

Veronica Fong: Gold 1m, Gold 3m, Gold Mixed Synchro

Taylor Pai: Silver 1m, Silver 3m

Girls C Group

Karina Andrada: Bronze 1m, Bronze 3m, Gold Mixed Synchro

Boys B Group

Eric Bullington: Bronze 1m, 4th on 3m, 8th in Mixed Synchro

Clive Weston: 5th on 1m, 6th on 3m, 8th in Mixed Synchro

Cael Warner: 7th on 1m, 5th on 3m

Boys C Group

Oliver Kratz: Bronze 1m, Silver 3m, 5th in Mixed Synchro

Connor Morgan: 6th on 1m, 6th on 3m, 5th in Mixed Synchro

Full results can be found here.

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