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Stunning Performances by Karina and Senika at Novice Nationals!

Two of our budding divers, Karina and Senika, attended Novice Nationals in Regina during the May 25th weekend along with Coach Lydia. The girls dove beautifully, and were not intimidated by the large field of competitors from across the country.

In Girls Age Group D, Senika outperformed other divers to earn top spot and the gold medal on 3m, with silver medals on 1m and platform. Similarly, Karina nabbed the gold medal on 1m in Girls Age Group C, with silver medals on 3m and platform. Not a bad result at all considering it was the first time that the girls competed on platform!

We are extremely proud of these two divers and can’t wait to see more from them in the years to come. Special thanks go out to Lydia for her dedication in coaching the girls during the competition!

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